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Minister for Radio Goes

Margot James, the minister responsible for radio in the UK,  has resigned. She had been the Minister for Digital and Creative Industries since January 2018, taking over the job from Matt Hancock when he became Culture Secretary. Recently she put forward legislation that will enable the licensing of small-scale digital radio multiplexes.
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Channel Islands to get local DAB?

Applications have been submitted to Ofcom to acquire local digital radio in the Channel Islands. Bidders include Small Digital Planet Ltd, Nation Broadcasting and Tindle CI Broadcasting. Islanders could soon listen to local radio stations digitally, rather than on FM. The application for digital radio closed on 19 July, with one applicant planning to broadcast 25 services to Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney, using three transmitters.

Turn your garage into a radio station

Derelict garages in Gospel Oak, London,  could see a radio station move in, helping to get young people’s voices on air.
The London School of Mosaic (LSoM) is working with architects to bring back to life dozens of empty garages under the Ludham estate, on the corner of Mansfield Road and Southampton Road.

They plan to convert nearly 1,700 sq m of vacant garages into community spaces, which will also play host to a radio station that has previously offered training to young people in Canning Town. 
Urban Xtra Radio are looking to bring their project to Camden to train young people in radio and get them presenting on air.
LSoM is an independent art school which teaches mosaic art and moved on to the estate in August 2017.
Edinburgh Napier University/The Scotsman Edinburgh Napier’s student radio station Radio ENRG will broadcast live from the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival this week. The project will last the entirety of the festival, from today Friday 12 July until Sunday 21 July.

New Chart Show for Beeb

A new pop chart show called The Official Chart: First Look is being introduced on BBC Radio 1 each Sunday from 6pm till 7pm. First Look will launch on July 14th hosted by Cel Spellman and Katie Thistleton, focussing on the Top 20 biggest tracks from data collected on Friday and Saturday, with the Top 10 played in full.

RTE Long Wave On and Off due to Upgrade

RTE's long wave antenna at Summerhill is being upgraded and preparation work is thought to be under way, with the station off the air for periods this week.  The antenna upgrade has been contracted to a specialist supplier based in Canada and delivery of the upgrade is expected by mid-September. "The relevant mast at Summerhill is 248 metres in height and is a high-risk work environment. I am told that the weather, and more particularly wind speeds, will be the main determining factor on the commencement and the duration of the works,"  said Hildegarde Naughton, chair of the Oireachtas Communications Committee, in April. "Unfortunately once this remedial work commences, the long wave service will have to be temporarily suspended. I understand that it will be out of commission for approximately 10 weeks, but RTÉ has said it will endeavour to complete the works as quickly as possible." The upgrades are to allow the service to continue into the future.

Play "Hospital Radio" on Hospital Radio

Photo: The Mystery Jets Singer Blaine Harrison of The Mystery Jets has a new song called "Hospital Radio". "In the post-austerity era of cuts, one of the communities that have felt the most is the disabled community," said the singer, who has spina bifida. The song is dedicated to all the volunteers of hospital radio stations. There are hundreds of hospital stations still in operation around the UK. "It's because of volunteers," he added. The Mystery Jets have spent the past week visiting hospital radio stations and talking on air about the new single. "It's been remarkable seeing the love that goes into keeping them alive," said Harrison.